Guru Krupa Foundation

Guru Krupa Foundation (GKF) Inc. P. O. Box 81, Jericho, NY 11753, is a private foundation incorporated in New York State. The purpose of the foundation is to fund several charitable causes. These causes may be broadly classified as being

1) Social
2) Educational or
3) Religious/Cultural.

During this year 2020-21, Guru Krupa Foundation, came forward to help us in feeding the school students on all the school working days of the year. Their generous support and bearing the entire cost of feeding the students has helped the needy and deserving students as follows:

  • Breakfast for 250 students
  • Augmented Noon Meal for 150 students
  • Tiffin before the free coaching class for 400 students

The purpose for feeding the children is that they should be able to focus on the studies without distractions and their holistic development  that will give them confidence in their lives.

In the past, several students come to school without breakfast and this affects their learning capacity during the class hours. There were occasions when the students faint due to hunger. Seeing this condition morning breakfast was served before start of the school hours. After starting this facility for 250 students, their learning skills improved considerably. Breakfast includes Idly, Sambar, Pongal, Chutney, Wheat Rava Upama, Semiya Upama on rotational basis.

The School also provides Noon Meals which is supplied by the Govt. of TamilNadu but added extra nutrition by supplying vegetables, Dal, Soyabean, oil, etc. which are required for the growing children.

Free Tuition Classes for the students of X , XI,  XII Std and the lower classes students who needs extra coaching after school hours are also offered by the School. Before the starting of these extra classes, evening tiffin like Sundal, Green Gram Sundal, Soya, Puttu, Corn, Bread Dal, Ragi Semiya, boiled Ground Nuts are served.

All of the above are provided free of cost to the students and this year the total amount is funded by Guru Krupa Foundation Inc., USA.