Sri Ramakrishna Math Vivekananda Centenary Girls Hr. Sec. School



1.  Parents are requested to send their children on time to the school.

2.  Student can take leave  only with prior permission from the class teacher after submitting the request letter from the parents.

3.  In case of  long absentees the parent must come and sign the register with the class teacher and give a  letter for such absentees.

4.  Monthly attendance must be 75% and above for attending the exams and all the school programs by the particular student.

Conduct and Discipline

1.    Students should wear an appropriate uniform while coming to the school.
2.    The students should pay respects to the teachers, HM, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Swamis of Sri Ramakrishna Order whenever they meet them for the first time during any day.
3.    The Handbook should be brought to the school daily.
4.    It is wrong to roam about during the class timings.
5.    When the bell rings, students should go to their classrooms and sit in their respective places allotted to them by the class teacher.
6.    It is wrong to chat in groups in the corridor during the school hours.
7.    When a teacher enters the classroom, all students should stand up and pay respects. The students should sit only after the teacher has taken her seat. The students should again stand up when the teacher leaves the class and sit back after she had left the class room.
8.    The students should move orderly from one classroom to another under the leadership of the class leader.
9.    It is the social duty of the students to keep their classrooms, and the school clean. Desecration on the school walls, throwing paper waste on the floor, damaging school furniture, rearranging school furniture, spitting in the  school premises etc. are considered ill disciplined acts and should be avoided.
10.   While a lesson is being taught, not listening to it or talking or doing other acts that are not related to that lesson should be avoided.
11.   It is the duty and responsibility of every student to be silent and follow discipline while attending the school prayer. When the National Anthem is being sung, students should respectfully stand without movements. When guests visit the school, students should wait for them to leave the school and then disperse orderly in a line.
12.   Students bringing their own lunch should not leave the waste in the corridor but should dispose of the wastes in the dustbins meant for this purpose.
13.   In situations not specifically mentioned above, students should conduct themselves in such a manner that their own pride and school’s respect is not tarnished in any manner.
14.   It is expected that the students take care of their books and notebooks properly and carefully. The students should bring books and notebooks according to the timetable.
15.   Models, pictures, sports equipment, lab equipment belonging to school should not be damaged.
16.   Students should not leave the school premises during the school hours or during small breaks without the permission of the Headmaster.
17.   When the student or any of her family members is infected with contagious or commutable diseases, the same should be informed to the school and permission for leave obtained.
18.   All students will be provided with the Handbook. Students are expected to read the same and bring it to the school daily.
19.   Every student is expected to participate in a minimum of one external function
Note to Parents
1.     Parents/Guardians are requested to cooperate with the school authorities to ensure discipline and conduct among the students.
2.     Parents are also requested to check if their wards are studying their daily lessons and make sure that the children participate in the school activities actively and enthusiastically.
3.     It is best that the parents/guardians read and take note of the notices from the school and append their signature and send them to the students.
4.     It is requested that the parents/guardians read, sign and sends examination and other notifications immediately without delay.
5.     Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to meet their children or their class teachers without prior permission from HM during the school hours.
6.     Complains, if any, can be informed to HM rather than to the class teachers.
7.     Parents/Guardians are welcomed to meet HM or Secretary with prior permission during the school hours.
8.     Parents/Guardians are requested not to take away or disturb their wards during the school hours.
9.     Parents are requested not to send students wearing expensive jewelry. They are also requested not to give money to the students for eating outside food.
10.  The school is not responsible for the loss of money or any other things that the students bring to the school.
11.  Parents are requested to sign and also ensure that their children do their daily homework.
12.  Parents are requested to send their children on time to the school.


The School follows the Tamil Nadu State Board syllabus for both High School and Higher Secondary sections.
The syllabus can be viewed online:
The books can be downloaded online:


The exams are conducted for class VI to XII as prescribed by the Tamil Nadu State Board. The students of class X and XII appear for the annual Public Examination conducted by the Tamil Nadu State Board.
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