Sri Ramakrishna Math Vivekananda Centenary Girls Hr. Sec. School

Curricular Activities

Computer Lab

Students from Class VI to XII use the Computer Lab under the guidance of fully trained competent teachers. While the students of Class VI to IX learn the system basics like MS Office, Visual Basic and HTML, the higher secondary students learn Window basics, Linux OS and programming languages like C and C++.

Practicals are conducted for Class XI and XII students and assessed for their internal marks. Students eagerly learn and enjoy the practical classes. These practical classes enable the students to understand the theory better and are able to perform better in their examinations. Some classes are taken using the Projector so that students learn the theory visually.

There are around 30 desktop systems in the lab and students work on them individually. All the computers in the Lab are provided with Broadband Internet connection for students to browse and learn from Internet resources.

Mathematics Lab

This is an innovative lab setup by NIIT and it helps students overcome their fear about mathematics and makes learning enjoyable. Students operate the system under the teacher’s guidance and they are able to understand the difficult concepts that are simplified by technological learning. Using the manipulates, students, create various shapes and estimate perimeter and areas for these figures. ‘Learning by doing is the main idea behind this lab and adequate opportunities are provided to all students for grasping the concepts and retaining them forever.


Smart Class