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Sri Ramakrishna Math Vivekananda Centenary Girls Hr. Sec. School

Extra Curricular Activities


The school believes that physical strength reflects in mental strength and encourages students to participate compulsorily in sports activities. The school campus has a spacious ground for the children and every week some periods are allotted for sports activities.


Music training is imparted to students at all levels with the help of class teachers. During these classes, students are taught devotional and patriotic songs. The students participate actively during the class.

Indoor Games

Chess, Carom and Table Tennis are taught and practised in the school campus. Students participate in the interschool events and win the prizes. These games help the children to remain cheerful, active and helps in studies.

Bharat Natyam Dance Class

Girl students like to express their talent in this field and school encourages their participation. Talented students are given special coaching and the programs are conducted to showcase the talent of these students.

Prizes & Awards

Many prizes and awards are given to the students throughout the year as a recognition of their talent in the specific area. Mainly Academic excellence and sports excellence are given more importance during such Awarding ceremony.

Yoga Classes

These classes are conducted for all the students by the trained Yoga teachers. This gives a balanced approach towards life and students learn the body-mind fitness skills.

Inter-School competitions

Rolling Trophy is given to the winner house on the Annual Day program. Winner house has to get maximum credit points in the competitions throughout the year.